Qinghai highway 308 line to Yushu Budongquan highway was opened to traffic in Beijing 特命战队go busters

Qinghai highway 308 line to Yushu Budongquan highway opened to traffic – Beijing, Beijing, Xining, October 25 (Zhang Tianfu Yang Qingshan) Beijing 25 reporter learned from the Qinghai Department of transportation, a total length of 556.39 kilometers, from Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yushu province Yushu City, Zhidoi county and Qumalai County Highway 308 line Qumalai — Yushu Budongquan two highway expansion project completed and opened to traffic. The Highway Department of the State Council "Yushu earthquake restoration and reconstruction planning" in the construction of a vertical and a horizontal two "lifeline highway channel" horizontal "road. Yushu, Qumalai to the beginning of the road without freezing springs in Yushu Town, the end of the spring in Qumalai County, the line length of 556.39 km. This road south of road 214, north of State Road 109, Yushu is an important channel to the province of Golmud City, Haixi and Tibet, Xinjiang and other places. "The road level is very low, the traffic conditions are very poor," said Ma Jianlong, director of the Yushu Department of transportation, this route is a simple gravel road, before 2004, Yushu to the ancient Zhidoi County, about 170 kilometers of rural oil transformation, "but because the road width limit, the meeting is very difficult, plus sand road bumps, vehicle use rate is very low, some cars even one or two years to be scrapped." After the earthquake in April 2010 in Yushu, in order to improve the conditions for the passage of this lifeline, from the beginning of 2012, the Qinghai Provincial Department of transportation invested 5 billion 216 million yuan, one after another on the road segment upgrade. In the process of construction, the builders at an average altitude of more than 4300 meters of snow covered plateau, alpine, frequent rain and snow over the material, long distance transportation and one year construction period of only 5 months and pat side edge construction difficulties, high quality to complete the project construction. Wang Qingling, director of the Qinghai provincial highway construction administration bureau of Yushu Province, said: "after the completion of the construction of the road, the whole road has reached the level of black and reached the level of two highway standards. From Yushu to Golmud city driving time from the original seventeen, eight hours, shortened to the present eight or nine hours." "Thanks to the construction workers in such a difficult condition of the road repaired." Yushu City, Long Bao Zhen Jun two young village herdsmen seeking Yang said, "when the road is not good in the past, we have to state (i.e. ancient) to three or four hours, the doctor, work is very difficult, now as long as 1 hours, and to travel here people have changed much, we are here yogurt, yak meat, Triton, butter and other specialty products market more widely." (end)相关的主题文章: