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Internet-and-Business-Online 5Linx has been in the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) industry since 2000 and has achieved many great milestones in this business. It has been one of the Top 100 .panies in the United States. This is the reason why many have decided to join the .pany for many years. 5Linx is a business opportunity for those who want to earn while working from the .fort of their home. The .pany provides the training and coaching for new representatives and lifetime support for those who are part of the team and most specially for those who are sales-driven. Background Based on research, in 2008 there were 24 million users of VOIP and this figure is expected to increase in 2 years time to 44 million. This statistic covers just the US, looking at a worldwide perspective, there is an expected 196 million subscribers of VOIP. Knowing this great potential and opportunity, 5Linx in Rochester New York has seized the opportunity of engaging their business in the booming voice IP industry. Getting Started Starting with 5Linx is very simple. Some people start with only two sales representatives. Both positions give you an opportunity to earn when you make a sale. The two sales representatives are categorized as customer service representative and Independent Market Representative respectively. As soon as they are making sales, each rep can be.e a mentor and earn extra money. 5Linx is always looking for people who are willing to work in a diversified environment, are self-motivated, sales-driven and creative. The .pany encourages hard work among its people and whose vision are aligned with the .pany’s. Employee benefits include dental Insurance, medical Insurance, optional Insurance, direct deposit, holiday pay, quarterly bonus plan, healthcare spending account, dependent care spending account, 401K retirement savings plan, employee assistance program, satisfying work experience and employee referral program. What are the 5Linx Products? 5Linx covers all tele.munications products and services. The .pany covers both home and business tele.munication needs. These are, calling in the U.S., Canada, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico and inclusive of FREE unlimited calls to 75 areas. The product line also includes wireless phones, accessories, satellite television and broadband internet service. a) GLOBALINX is a plan for residential and .mercial digital phone service. It includes an unlimited local and long distance calling to U.S., Canada, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal, Australia, South Korea, China and a lot more. This package is available at $24.95 a month. b) GLOBALINX International is another affordable package which allows the user to call internationally unlimited at a very low international rate. One can also add another service which is the Family Share Plan where a second line would cost $14.95 a month and can be added through GLOBALINX control panel. c) GLOBALINK PBX for Business is a plan offered .mercially at $19.95 a month. It is a cost-effective plan for businesses in the PBX system. d) GLOBALINX IIN is a plan where friends and family can call you directly without suffering the high cost of international rates. e) 5Linx Cellular is a plan packaged at cellular phones where there is an option to choose the phone you want and the carrier you want to subscribe to. The plan offers great savings. f) 5Linx Home security is offered at $29.95. The package has five various plans for its customers. With all the package variations stated above, one can sense a bright future regarding the stability of the service and the product line plus the potential to reach all kinds of customers in previously untapped markets.. For those who plan to market these products, there are programs that offer high earning potential and opportunities. 5Linx has proven to be a reliable and trusted .pany in the VOIP industry and being part of it can certainly enhance one’s ability to control their own destiny. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: