30 college students’ dormitory students questioned the photocatalytic removal of formaldehyde exceed acbel

30 college students’ dormitory students scavenging effect of   Photocatalyst formaldehyde exceed the standard question;   September 19th 23 am, a large number of lives in Guangdong University of Finance (hereinafter referred to as "Guang Cai") 30 dormitory students stay in the dormitory downstairs, because the school requires students in the empty dormitory, using photocatalyst technology to remove formaldehyde, and the processing time than expected. Which "cannot return to the dormitory". A review of Guang Cai students due to formaldehyde exceed the standard no home to return before the September quarter, Guang Cai students complained to the school dormitory 30 formaldehyde exceed the standard, causes the student body discomfort of the situation. Senior snow (a pseudonym) told reporters that at the beginning of September, nearly 3000 students including her into a new dormitory this summer has just completed, a few days later, the students have a sore throat, bronchitis, skin rash and other symptoms. There are students to buy test strips and instruments for testing, found that formaldehyde exceeded, then immediately reflect to the school. Half a month after, the school has taken the following measures: the distribution of activated carbon to the students; students are required to open the window ventilation, and open air conditioning to reduce heat, electricity from school students in September. However, the effect is not obvious. September 12th, the school announced its invitation to the Guangzhou quality supervision and Testing Institute conducted on-site testing results show that the content of free formaldehyde in the sampling room is indeed exceeded. The 18 day, the students suddenly received notice was required in 19 days before the empty items in the dorm, because the school hired leaves Guangzhou environmental protection Co. Ltd., the photocatalyst technology in addition to formaldehyde. Although the 19 fluorescent catalyst in addition to formaldehyde has ended, but students still did not want to move back to the dorm. Because most of the students living in 30 do not believe that the dormitory has been completely removed formaldehyde, they want the school to return the appropriate proportion of accommodation, or solve the problem of students out of school accommodation. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the school, said the school is discussing the solution to the problem of student accommodation. The students questioned whether the photocatalyst can eliminate formaldehyde? In view of the above situation, Guangdong University of Finance and Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Luo Xianjia explained that the reason for the students late at night can not be back to the dormitory, is because the operating unit of the operation difficulty, complexity of judgment, is expected to lead to 20 night after handling work delayed until 23:40. To cause inconvenience to the students, the school apologize." He went on to explain that the school in order to reach as soon as possible to secure the desire of students in the early days, it will be three days to complete the work compressed to a day to complete, which led to the delay of the job. In addition to the delay in the work of dissatisfaction, more students are questioning the effect of formaldehyde removal. "The school has no explanation for this technology, we search for information on the Internet, said not what role the photocatalyst." Snow said, "in addition, using this technology for indoor formaldehyde clearance after the check-in time, the shortest time we search for a week now, so immediately to live in, will have two times of harm to the body?" According to the content of free formaldehyde in the dormitory now, using the photocatalyst technology as an hour, can be completely eliminated." Luo Xianjia said, this is.相关的主题文章: