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Real-Estate Many first time home buyers are not sure where to get started. They are ready to buy their first home and want to make sure they dont make any mistakes. So where do you go first? There are three people that will be important to the first time home buyer. These people can walk you through the process and help you purchase your first time. The first person you want on your team is a Realtor. You want to make sure you find a Realtor who specializes in working with first time home buyers. They will have the patience to answer all of your questions and reduce your fears. They have been through the process many times and will be able to anticipate your questions and your needs, making the process easier on the first time home buyer. Your Realtor can also help you find the other two people you need on your team. Your Realtor will already have relationships with these other people, who are also familiar with working with first time home buyers. The second person you want on your team is a Mortgage Broker. Again, find a mortgage broker that works with first time home buyers. This mortgage broker will know about the city, state, and federal programs available to help first time home buyers purchase their dream home. They know what kind of loan you can qualify for, how much you will need for a down payment, and the lenders requirements. Your mortgage broker will get your pre-approved so you know exactly how much house you can afford and dont waste your time looking at houses you cant buy. The third person you want on your team is a Home Inspector. As a first time home buyer you are not aware of what is involved in looking at the details of a home to make sure it is safe and will not require costly repairs. Your Home Inspector will go over every nook and cranny and tell you what they find. A good home inspection can save you from buying a home that needs major repairs without you knowing about the. Be at the house with the Home Inspector so you can ask them questions about what they find, giving you a better understanding of the condition of the home. Build your team with people who specialize in working with first time home buyers. Youll be glad you spent the time to find the right people to help you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: