17 year old girls often suffer domestic violence theft with a needle finger Beijing pumping stick peepsamurai

17 year old girls often suffer domestic violence: theft was a stick with a needle pulling finger – Beijing, "we have a profound understanding of their mistakes, not only let the children produce rebellious mood of children, but also hurt the child’s physical and mental health, we don’t like children." Recently, Jiangsu Province, Yangzhou city Guangling District procuratorate timely stop together against minors accused of domestic violence, and suggested that the public security organs to prohibit domestic violence monitories. At the beginning of this year, the 17 year old Xiaoya for burglary was transferred to the Guangling procuratorate prosecution review. The hospital undertakes police investigation found that the lesser parents divorced early, in recent years the lesser was mother to Yangzhou, living together with his mother and stepfather. Xiaoya before neighbor stealing property of bad behavior, not due to the small amount of criminal responsibility. In this regard, the police suggested the lesser shall strengthen the discipline of lesser mother. The mother did not think Xiaoya said: "we not only her, often beat her!" Hear this word, for police officers feel Xiaoya may often domestic violence at home. "In order to discipline her, her father and me with a stick pumping her finger she, with a needle, then do not listen up." Xiaoya introduced her mother to the police with how to lesser "discipline", while the lesser in the side gently sobbing. The women’s Federation, then contact the public security departments to investigate the matter. The results showed that there are many lesser purple body, with multiple needle hands. And in the course of the investigation, the lesser parents have resentment, so that discipline is good for the children, and the children are not playing their chores, outsiders are not qualified to intervene. Comprehensive relevant evidence, to police that parents are lesser acts of domestic violence to lesser. The hand of the public security organ to prohibit domestic violence Xiaoya parents warned, on the other hand the United Federation of field visits, psychological counseling on her and her parents. The book received warning, Xiaoya’s parents finally realize the seriousness of the situation, to ensure the prosecutor will correct the concept of education, not the implementation of domestic violence to lesser. (Lu Zhijian & Xu Rong, Gu Guangxu, Long Pingchuan)相关的主题文章: