130 people to set up a public service team warmth interpretation of the doctor-patient flash thinkpad s230u

130 people set up public team   warmth deduction activities — public opinion Channel – patient flash people.com.cn people.com.cn September 29 Beijing Xinhua (Han Yasong) 28, the 40 anniversary of the founding of the Peking University Cancer Hospital flash love public video conference held in Beijing. The meeting broadcast performed by both doctors and patients in the music video, hoping to promote positive energy to the whole society, inspire people praise of life, motivate patients to firm the confidence and courage to overcome the disease. It is understood that this is China’s first by the cancer patients and medical staff common interpretation of the flash events, this consisted of 130 people who love team including at the Peking University cancer hospital for treatment of patients with cancer, at the age of twenty years old soldiers, fighting in the front line of each post staff and the newest recruits that they are singing for a brilliant life. Video screenshot is reported that the flash of public welfare activities in the beginning of a noon. People hurried footsteps, anxious expression is the usual state of the hospital. Suddenly, I saw one wearing a gown in a wheelchair girl playing the violin, she was gently pushed to the center of the hall, the crowd is a gentle old man dressed in a white coat and the medical staff to join in playing the violin. Then the sound of the piano, accordion, and gradually added to the accompaniment of music, more than a dozen medical staff and patients from all corners of the hall, singing a beautiful song. The noisy hall gradually quiet down, people began to appreciate this interpretation of the intentions of the music, his face smile, as if temporarily forget sorrow and anxiety. The show is born because of love, the folk charity, Beijing cancer rehabilitation teachers will be the biggest wish is to hope that cancer patients can see their lives today, feel good, hope to see. Touching is an old Mr. Wu Yushen revered by the old artist, 78 year old team, he served as head of the Central Ballet Orchestra, chief Viola for thirty years, as a soloist in ballet. He is also just out of the tumor rehabilitation, he said: "this activity is very meaningful, I would like to use my own strength for patients and their families to send the blessing of music." In this public service flash activity, violinist Gu Jie actively participated in the rehearsal and shooting. It is understood that the eve of the college entrance examination in 2016, when her classmates ready to enter the examination room, she walked into the Peking University Cancer Hospital, because she was diagnosed with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. Whether during the rehearsal, or a formal shooting, she gives people the show is always a sweet smile, let people hear the melodious sound of the piano is forever. The activities of the creative team said, do not pay, do not want the copyright, the widespread social concern, to promote positive energy. The activities of the general director Tian Ruiyuan said: "although we are not professional actors, but remember that we are not representative of yourself, we have to show the whole China and the world struggle against disease, strong patients, the show is full Chinese and the world medical staff warm image." (commissioning editor Zhu Minggang and Wang Xiaohua)相关的主题文章: