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Sports-and-Recreation 12 Things 4 Games in the Conference Finals Have Taught Us Author: Brian Stankich U. S. Sports Media, Inc 1. LeBron James is The Man. Well, we already knew that, but some people are just finding that out this postseason, especially the Magic fans after Game 2. 2. Carmelo Anthony has lifted his game into the upper echelon of NBA stars. He is easily on everyones top five list along with LeBron, Kobe, Dwayne, and Dwight. 3. Chauncey Billups, Carmelos Nuggets teammate, was the glue that held the Detroit Pistons together. The Denver native (George Washington High School) now is the primary reason the Nuggets have the upper hand in the Western Conference Finals. 4. Kobe Bryant is the best player on the planet not named LeBron. His Game 1 performance proved to the star-studded Hollywood crowd that he is the Entertainer. 5. Dwight Howard is on track to remain the best center in the league for the next ten years. 6. Hedo Turkoglu, Dwights underrated teammate, has earned himself a huge free agent contract with his postseason heroics. 7. Rashard Lewis, Dwights three point specialist, has proven that he deserved the All-Star selection he received this year. Lewis is the prime time scorer the Magic havent had since Tracy McGrady. The Game 1 big shots he nailed enabled Orlando to take home court advantage. 8. Phil Jackson, Mr. Philosophical Coach, appears concerned and confused at how to stop Melo, contain Chauncey, avoid the Bird Man, and motivate his Lakers to beat a Nuggets team that seems to be superior. 9. George Karl, Nuggets coach, needs a course in emotion management, after he sat totally quiet in the postgame press conference, after a tough Game 1 loss to LA. 10. Stan Van Gundy is a better coach than we thought with his Game 1 motivational lines to his Magic squad. Van Gundy overcame his bitter yet engaged default mode to encourage the Magic with they (the Cavs) have not been here before; we (the Magic) have been here before. At halftime he also chided the Magic by saying they were all witnesses, a reference to the Nike ad featuring LeBron. Dwight Howard said the team was angered by that comment, gaining sufficient motivation to take Game 1. 11. The referees of the NBA are .bad. Okay, to be fair, I should say they are inconsistent; pulled in multiple directions at once by coaches, players, fans, and the league office; and making so many horrible calls this postseason that they are in danger of reviving conspiracy theories. I dont understand how they can call a touch foul on the perimeter while letting the big men underneath beat each other up. I also dont get which stars they pick and choose to favor (Kobe, LeBron) and which stars they just pick on (Dwight). 12. This postseason is the most exciting, most competitive, most evenly matched postseason in recent memory. The final four teams left are clearly the best four teams in the league. It is only going to get better. Source: ..BasketballDailyNews.., U. S. Sports Media, Inc About the Author: 相关的主题文章: