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Deep restructuring of the 1000 day: the deeper the reform of Sohu news December 30, 2013, held a meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, decided to set up by the general secretary Xi Jinping as head of the central leading group comprehensively deepen reforms. By September 24th, the 1000th day of the deep reorganization will usher in the establishment of the period, during which the central deep restructuring held a total of the 27 meeting, considered the 162 documents. China’s reform and opening up (September 23rd) is a new great revolution led by our party in the new era, leading the people of all ethnic groups in china. Looking back on the past, 30 years ago, Chinese Communists make a critical choice to change the fate of the China, opened a new China ship voyage of reform and opening up, from exploration to blaze a new trail ", to another one-way relay struggle, the reform and opening up along the road to power the gorgeous Butterfly, caught up with the pace of the times that became the world’s second largest economy. 30 years reform practice tells us vivid, reforming and opening is the development and progress of contemporary Chinese source of vitality of the party and the people, we are making strides to catch up with the pace of the times an important weapon, is the only way which must be passed to uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics. Development is the top priority, reform can have a way out. General Secretary Xi once profoundly pointed out that at present, the rapid development of economic globalization, the comprehensive national strength competition is more intense, complex and changeable international situation, we believe that Chinese should seize the opportunities and meet the challenges, to achieve new and greater development, fundamentally depends on the reform and opening up. Word, word. In November 2013 the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the Communist Party of China comprehensively deepen reforms to make overall arrangements, proposed roadmap and timetable for reform, involving 15 areas, 330 large number of reform initiatives, including economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization and the construction of the party and other aspects, comprehensively deepen reforms sounded the clarion call to enter. Empty talk would lead the country astray, and hard work can rejuvenate the nation. General Secretary Xi profoundly pointed out: "the reform is a revolution, there must be firm and indomitable perseverance, to really grasp, to promote the implementation of effectiveness to request." In order to focus on promoting reform, in December 30, 2013, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held a meeting decided to set up a comprehensive reform of the central leading group, general secretary Xi Jinping personally served as head of the group. One point deployment, the implementation of nine points. The central deep restructuring since its inception, with extraordinary political play, political courage and political wisdom, planning reform, reform, reform of the leadership, nearly three years has held 27 meetings and reviewed 162 documents, the many other areas of reform and the introduction of a number of top-level design, and more efforts the number of reform measures introduced the big breakthrough in some hitherto unknown, that can not be a breakthrough, has solved some years to solve but unsolved problems. It can be said that China’s reform has new characteristics and new trend, the new achievements have attracted worldwide attention, has brought changes to the genuineness of the country, has brought tangible benefits to the people, to produce the beautiful answer to the party and the people’s livelihood through reform, more and more people get a sense of the economic structure;)相关的主题文章: