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Self-Improvement Someone asked me recently how I knew whether or not I was letting prosperity into my life or pushing it away. I thought about it for awhile and I came up with the following. 1. I know I am letting prosperity in when I can be on the receiving end of someone’s anger, see only fear in their heart and respond with love. 2. I know I am letting prosperity in when I make conscious choices throughout the day to focus on what it is I am wanting to create in that moment, or what it is that I am desiring to be or feel or experience in this here and now. 3. I know I am letting prosperity in when I choose to clear myself of some of the "guck" in the form of frustration, anger, or worry, that .es up sometimes throughout my day. After I take the time to do that, in the many and varied ways that are available to me, I always feel lighter, clearer and more at peace. 4. I know I am letting prosperity in when I am able to sit in the exact same place I did a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, see the incredible abundance all around me, and bask in the multitude of treasures that had eluded me before. Of course, they were always there, but I didn’t have the eyes to see them, from the place I was standing in at the time. 5. I know I am letting prosperity in when I feel more expansive, more open, when I am able to look at what appears to be a set back and acknowledge that in the bigger picture, this could be a blessing in disguise, and remember the many times in my life when I was so happy that things didn’t turn out quite as I had wanted them to. 6. I know that I am letting prosperity in when I can be in any situation, a crowded city bus, a grocery store with long check out lines, a traffic jam, and still feel joy, knowing that wherever I go I walk among the gods, in whatever setting we have chosen and whatever costumes we may be wearing today. 7. I know that I am letting prosperity in when I can savor the little things in my day, the things I so often took for granted before, as trivial and unimportant, the same things that I now embrace with rapture in my heart. I forget not, what life would be without them. I have not, the luxury to do that anymore. 8. I know that I am letting prosperity in when I acknowledge that things are not always as they seem and I am willing to look at any situation in another way. I know that true prosperity can be experienced with the tiniest shift in perception. It truly is an inside job. We take ourselves with us wherever we go. 9. I know that I am not letting prosperity in when the desire to get even or to be right takes over and I give in to it. Sometimes, there is a momentary deliciousness in this indulgence, I have to admit. In these moments I can laugh at myself, have .passion for my humanity and see it for what it is. I can witness my behavior and make a different choice the next time, and if it’s a better choice I can realize how much I’ve grown in the same way we measure a child’s growth on the wall, inch by inch, step by step. 10. I know that I am finally and .pletely letting prosperity in when my world looks upside down, when the foundations of my life are shaken, when nothing seems to make sense any more, no rhyme or reason, and I can be at peace with all of that. PS. I am not always there yet for this one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: