1 families of the victims due to flash floods sued the water authority and other claims 4 million 60 zghd

1 8 of the families of the victims sued by flash flood water and other claims 4 million 600 thousand – Sohu news August 4, 2015 and on the 5 day, 6 day, China Daily reported that the "small Yu sudden flood caused 9 people were killed" news for three days. 9 of the victims were a family of 8, they were in the farmhouse to the elderly birthday encounter flash floods. At present, the surviving in torrents in Xu Xu Fei, protecting prosecution involved farmhouse, the Changan District Water Bureau, Xi’an City Land Resources Bureau Changan branch, request compensation for losses of 4649106 yuan. > > review the family into the mountains to the elderly sudden flash floods washed away 8 people celebrate August 3, 2015 at 5:15 in the afternoon, Xi’an City, Changan District Wang Mang street small river village sudden flash floods, 9 people have been floods washed after two days of search and rescue, rescue workers found the remains of 9 victims, 8 of them are home Shaw the village of Xi’an Weiyang Xu family, and Xu family along with the mountain is to give the elderly birthday. For survivors Xu Fei, flash floods at the moment he is always lingering shadow. Xu Fei said that the day is his father’s birthday, so the whole family decided to go to the mountain to the old farmhouse birthday, including his brother, a family of three, four of his family, his sister and brother-in-law (Xu protecting) parents, a total of 11 people. The time of the incident, his sister and brother-in-law survived, he was rushed down the river immediately after being put up, some minor injuries, but the other 8 family members were killed, including the oldest 74 years old, the youngest only 9 years old. The farmhouse owner Mr. Feng Xu confirmed that fly. Mr. Feng said: "they had a (Xu fly a) to a dozen people, to give the elderly birthday, I would have a barbecue in the farmhouse, but because the car was late with meat, they eat lunch in my home. Around 5 pm, with meat after the car up the mountain, they are ready to grill meat, flood suddenly broke out, there are 9 in the family had been washed down, in addition to 1 adults was saved, and the other 8 farmhouse house together, the pavilion was washed away." > > relatives of the victims of natural disasters caused by the accident is not charged water, land department supervision although things have passed more than a year, but Xu fly told it the mood is still very low. Xu Fei said that after the accident, the original pavilion was demolished, the office of the Changan District flood control and drought relief headquarters set up a warning sign on the site of the incident, warning people not to stay there, don’t Luandaluanjian, but he found the local departments to reflect this, the other that the accident belongs to God, to his home encounter post processing has been no clear statement. Therefore, he had to solve the matter through judicial channels. At the beginning of July this year, Xu Fei and sister Xu protecting filed a complaint to the Changan District court, the prosecution involved the farmhouse, the Changan District Water Bureau, Changan Bureau of land and resources bureau. According to the indictment shows Xu Fei, they asked three defendants to pay compensation, death compensation 4227200 yuan, 227472 yuan of funeral expenses, transportation costs 3000 yuan, 3000 yuan accommodation, lost income 28434 yuan.相关的主题文章: