Shanghai Tobacco Control Ordinance voted to ban smoking through indoor public workplaces

Yesterday, the thirty-third session of the fourteen session of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee voted to amend the "Regulations on smoking control in public places in Shanghai". Since March 1, 2017, smoking has been banned in indoor public places, indoor workplaces and public transport facilities in Shanghai. On the basis of banning smoking in indoor public places stipulated in the original regulations, it is clear that smoking is prohibited in indoor public places, indoor workplaces and public transport facilities". Compared with the original regulations, the amendment decided to expand the indoor non-smoking area from a specific indoor public place to all indoor public places and indoor workplaces. Among them, especially in hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, indoor workplaces, transportation hubs and other several kinds of places: one is made to expand the indoor area of the hotel will achieve a comprehensive smoking; two is the dining and entertainment venues will be designated smoking area; three is the smoking will be banned from state organs conference room, restaurant and common workplace indoor public areas; the four is the airport, railway station, bus station and other ports will cancel the smoking room. Modify the decision also to further expand the scope of the outdoor public places tobacco control: an increase of public places, including education and training institutions to minors main activities among public outdoor seating area, and show room of cultural relics protection units open to the society outside the region, crowded transportation venues, as well as the legal waiting area regulations and rules in other public places, etc.. In order to minimize the situation of smokers smoking in the outside, the regulation of smoking spots can be set up in the condition of non smoking outside the area. Which special circumstances, special areas and industries can set up the indoor smoking room? Some enterprises, in accordance with the requirements of the outdoor fire ban smoking in the smoking room, must be independent from the production area or indoor closed environment, set up in line with the standard fire; electrical room, some enterprises or factories in the operating room, control room, duty room staff, even in the work space will be the nature of the work may not be a long time to leave their posts to outdoor smoking; some special types of staff also need to replace the clothing of the workplace, these situations also brought difficulties to indoor smoking; some regulatory sites, for special requirements of service and safety management, need according to the actual situation to keep a certain indoor smoking room. Therefore, the revised regulations stipulate that the specific requirements of the indoor smoking room should be set up in special circumstances, and the regulations should be made by the Municipal People’s government. The outdoor smoking area following public places: (a) public nurseries, kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, children’s palace, Youth Activity Center, education and training institutions and children’s welfare homes to minors main activities of population; (two) maternal and child health hospital, children’s Hospital (Institute); (three) Stadium, the venue seating and game show area; (four) cultural relics protection units open to society; (five) public transportation crowded waiting area; (six) the provisions of laws, regulations and rules.

上海控烟条例表决通过 室内公共工作场所将全面禁烟   昨天,市十四届人大常委会第三十三次会议表决通过了关于修改《上海市公共场所控制吸烟条例》的决定。决定自2017年3月1日起施行,届时起,上海的室内公共场所、室内工作场所、公共交通工具内均禁止吸烟。   在原条例规定部分室内公共场所禁烟的基础上,明确“室内公共场所、室内工作场所、公共交通工具内禁止吸烟”。与原条例相比,修改决定将室内禁烟区域从特定的室内公共场所扩大到了所有的室内公共场所、室内工作场所。其中,特别是在旅馆、餐饮场所、娱乐场所、室内工作场所、交通枢纽等几类场所做了扩大:一是旅馆的室内区域将实现全面禁烟;二是餐饮场所、娱乐场所将不能划定吸烟区域;三是国家机关的会议室、餐厅以及共用的工作场所等室内公共活动区域将禁止吸烟;四是机场、铁路客运站、港口客运站等将取消吸烟室。   修改决定还进一步扩大了室外公共场所的控烟范围:增加了包括教育培训机构等以未成年人为主要活动人群的公共场所、演出场所的室外观众坐席和演出区域、对社会开放的文物保护单位的室外区域、人群聚集的公共交通工具等候区域以及法律、法规、规章规定的其他公共场所等。为了尽可能减少吸烟者在室外“抽流烟”的情况,增加了室外非禁烟区域有条件的可以设立吸烟点的规定。   哪些特殊情况、特殊区域和行业可以设置室内吸烟室?有的企业,按照室外厂区禁烟禁火的要求,必须在远离生产区域的室内或者封闭环境中设置符合消防标准的、相对独立的吸烟室;有的企业或工厂中的电气室、操作室、控制室、值班室的工作人员,即便在工作间隙也会因工作性质不得长时间离开岗位到室外吸烟;有的特殊工种的工作人员进出工作场所还需要更换服装,这些情形也对室内禁烟带来了实际困难;有的监管场所,出于勤务和安全管理的特殊要求等,有根据实际情况保留一定室内吸烟室的需要。因此修订后的条例规定,特殊情况需要设置室内吸烟室的具体要求,由市人民政府作出规定。   以下公共场所的室外区域禁止吸烟:   (一)托儿所、幼儿园、中小学校、少年宫、青少年活动中心、教育培训机构以及儿童福利院等以未成年人为主要活动人群的公共场所;   (二)妇幼保健院(所)、儿童医院;   (三)体育场馆、演出场所的观众坐席和比赛、演出区域;   (四)对社会开放的文物保护单位;   (五)人群聚集的公共交通工具等候区域;   (六)法律、法规、规章规定的其他公共场所。市和区人民政府可以根据大型活动的需要,将其他公共场所的室外区域设立为临时禁止吸烟区域。相关的主题文章:

Hong Kong media Hongkong primary school extracurricular groups and fewer opportunities to speak Mand fifa14下载

Hong Kong media: Hongkong primary school extracurricular groups and fewer opportunities to speak Mandarin to organize more activities – Beijing, Beijing, November 14, according to the Hongkong Daily reported, Hongkong Taiwan Association released 13 Mandarin "survey results pupils Putonghua", found that up to 80% of pupils in Hongkong in addition to class, every week in Mandarin for less than 5 hour. More than half of the students believe that there is a need to increase the use of Putonghua in extra-curricular time, Mandarin Arts Society recommends that schools organize Mandarin fun activities, in order to increase the chance of students to use putonghua. The survey was conducted in October, with a total of 300 students who had studied mandarin. The survey found that most students are very confident of their own standard of Putonghua, 93% students think they are qualified or above. How do organizations and School Mandarin activities at the same time, the survey also found that 86% of the surveyed students every week daily Mandarin time in less than 5 hours, 50% students only 1 to 3 hours, less than 1 hours is 13%. More than 50% of students think that there is a need to increase the use of Putonghua in extracurricular opportunities. In this regard, Putonghua Art Association recommends that schools and local groups and social welfare institutions, held in Mandarin fun activities, such as reading, twister, storytelling, role-playing, discussion, increase students’ use of Putonghua opportunities; parents can encourage children to use Mandarin, such as Mandarin, parent-child communication; students such as the need to cram Chinese, parents can choose to use Putonghua to teach Chinese Learning Center, let the children at the same time enhance Chinese and Mandarin. Putonghua Art Association chairman Xue Hong? Recognize, Hongkong Elementary School Mandarin level did not reach the ideal level, the ability to speak than listening to the weaker students from different media have many opportunities to hear Mandarin, such as television and movies, etc.. But just passive listening must actively speak Mandarin, can have good language ability.相关的主题文章:

Do you know about the national martyrs day – Military – People’s network 巴雷特m82a1

Do you know about the national martyrs day? – Military – People’s editor’s note: the memory is to awaken the memory, to commemorate the future is to create. August 31, 2014, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress voted on the adoption of the decision on the establishment of martyrs day, in the form of law will be established in September 30th as a martyr’s day on. In third a memorial day to the end, let us know about those things on the martyrs memorial. In order to pay tribute to the martyrs, look, noble, temper forward. In September 30, 2014, Xi Jinping attended the memorial to the people’s Heroes presented wreaths ceremony. Xinhua News Agency reporters Huang Jingwen and I, a martyr refers to what kind of people? In 1945, the party made seven martyrs memorial meeting held Chinese revolution decision, this is the first time in the history of the party clearly put forward the "martyrs" word. In June 1980, the State Council issued the "revolutionary martyrs regulations" article second scope of the revolutionary martyrs are more clearly defined: "the Chinese people and the people’s Liberation Army, the heroic sacrifice in the revolutionary struggle, to defend the motherland and socialist modernization career, called revolutionary martyrs." Third the provisions of the approved five case for the revolutionary martyrs: (a) to fight against the enemy to fight against the enemy wounded sacrifice or death due to injury; (two) to fight against the enemy into disability due to wound recurrence shortly after death; (three) in the frontline as a guide, build fortifications, rescue the wounded, the implementation of transport etc. the task force in the theater or sacrifice, guard target sacrifice; (four) due to the implementation of the revolutionary task by the enemy killed or captured by the enemy, the enemy was arrested after unyielding killed or tortured to death; (five) to protect or rescue people, people’s life and state property and collective property of heroic sacrifice. In July 2011, the State Council will be "revolutionary martyrs regulations" revised "Regulations" for the martyrs. The provisions of article eighth of the five kinds of situations can be assessed as martyrs: (a) in investigating the crimes, implementation of national security tasks, Anti Terror missions and respond to emergencies in sacrifice; (two) emergency rescue and disaster relief or other in order to rescue, protect state property, collective property, life and property of citizens sacrifice; (three) in the implementation of a diplomatic mission or sacrifice countries sending foreign aid, the maintenance of international peace mission; (four) died in the implementation of weapons and equipment research and test tasks; (five) at the expense of other circumstances particularly prominent, serves as an example. The Ordinance removed the "revolution" two words, the definition of the martyrs have also undergone great changes, no longer appear "enemy", "people" have been replaced by "citizen". In August 2011, the State Council and the Central Military Commission on August 2004 release of the "military widows Ordinance" amended the provisions of article eighth of the servicemen can be approved for six cases: (a) the martyrs of the fight against the enemy killed or wounded in the medical battle the enemy before the end of injury deaths; (two) due to the execution of tasks or killed by the enemy the criminals, or captured, arrested and unyielding enemy were killed or tortured to death; (three) for)相关的主题文章:

Two generation HTC vive into the planning stage to look forward to more changes (video) zghd

The two generation HTC Vive entered the planning stage to expect more change Tencent digital news (Yi Jing) HTC Vive has achieved considerable success, it can provide room size VR space, equipped with 2 controllers, $799. Now HTC has begun to consider the two generation helmet, the product has not yet officially identified the name. At the beginning of the year, HTC split the VR Department into a subsidiary, named Vive Corporation, vice president of HTC, Raymond, vice president of Future Technologies (HTC). Recently, Raymond Pao flew around the world looking for inspiration for the next generation of technology, including the new Vive helmet. He stayed in San Francisco for some time to discuss cooperation with Upload VR, he also talked about some of the things Vive 2. "What will happen to the next generation of helmets," says Raymond Pao We’re still in the company. We are not limited by time, nor are there any new limits on us." Will the next generation of Vive helmets be wireless helmets? Raymond Pao is not willing to disclose the details, he only said: "within the company, we have a few ideas, yet to be determined, the specific choice of what options are not yet determined, did not reach definite stages." HTC Vive has achieved some success, since the establishment of a subsidiary of Vive Corporation, HTC greater ambition. Raymond Pao said: HTC believes that VR will become the next computing platform, we hope that the next helmet not only for the game. In the initial launch of the helmet is focused on the game player, but in the future we want to develop something to change health care, business, social, travel and other industries." Last month, news from suppliers said the new version of the HTC Vive will be released in the next 6-8 months, the new helmet is slimmer, lighter, some components will be upgraded. VR market is still in the early stages of development, HTC new helmet may be a simplified version of the helmet, not a new product. The new helmet may be improved in design, screen resolution, refresh rate, vision remains unchanged, some components upgrade, PC system requirements will be higher. According to reports, HTC Vive 2 may use HDR compatible screen, the screen is more accurate color. Vive VR HTC big experience! Source: TweakTown life boring? Concerned about the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), the old driver with you the whole point of the new play!相关的主题文章:

Horse transport minister mh370 search for work or to be completed in January next year candle june

Horse transport minister: MH370 search or complete the original title in January next year: horse transport minister: MH370 search or completed in January next year in Kuala Lumpur on 7 November, (reporter Zhao Shengyu) Malaysia transport minister Liao Zhonglai 7, said in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Australia, hope in January next year before the completion of Malaysia Airlines MH370 search operations. He said that although the search operation was delayed due to weather effects, but has been restored search. He said that the next two months is crucial for search work. Malaysia Prime Minister Naguib said earlier, if there is no search results, Malaysia, Australia and China will hold a three party meeting to determine the future direction of work". Said Liao Zhonglai attended an event in the Raman college, there are enough search vessels involved in search of work, Chinese ocean salvage ship "is deep search of work China the East China Sea rescue 101". Liao Zhonglai pointed out that Australia is still investigating and analyzing 22 pieces of wreckage found in the waters of Africa, hoping to get clues from the MH370 missing. Up to now, found in the wreckage of 22 suspected Malaysia Airlines MH370 aircraft, only 3 confirmed from MH370, the other 2 and MH370 is highly similar". March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost contact on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. In January 29, 2015, the Malaysia government officially announced a flight crash, and presumed that 239 passengers and crew on board were killed. (end) editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: