Sichuan freeze more than fifty million telecommunications network fraud funds three ways to return ( diamondprox

Sichuan telecommunications network fraud freeze over fifty million funds in three ways to return the funds return return the new telecommunications network fraud to freeze the funds shall not charge any fees in September 21st, reporters from the province Public Security Bureau was informed that currently frozen telecommunications network fraud 51 million 720 thousand yuan of funds, involving 1473 accounts. According to the Ministry of public security and the China Banking Regulatory Commission recently enacted and promulgated the implementation of the "telecommunications network new criminal cases of frozen funds return a number of provisions" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"), the funds will be returned by the public security organs in three cases. These three kinds of situations: to freeze the account only single exchange (deposit) payment records, can be directly traceable to the victims, returned to the victim directly; there are multiple sinks to freeze accounts (stock) a record, according to the time stamp records can directly trace the victim, returned to the victim directly; frozen a sink (indoor checkout save money) records, according to the time stamp recorded cannot directly trace the victim, the victim cheated (Pirates) according to the amount of funds frozen on the proportion of the total return. The public security organ shall issue a notice in accordance with the proportion, and the announcement period shall be 30 days. In the period of announcement, the victim or other interested party may make an objection to the return freeze, and the public security organs shall carry out the examination in accordance with the law. After the return of the frozen account, the remaining funds continue to be frozen in the original freezing period; the public security organs can handle the freezing procedures according to the law before the expiration of the freezing. If the victim is found fresh, the public security organ may start a new return procedure according to the provisions. The provisions require the public security organs to be responsible for the investigation of the fund flow of the victims, notify the victims in time, and make the decision on the return of funds to the property of the victims who have clear ownership, and implement the return. The banking financial institutions shall assist the public security organs in implementing the freezing funds refund work in accordance with relevant laws, administrative regulations and provisions. The banking supervision institution is responsible for supervising and checking the banking financial institutions within the jurisdiction to assist in querying, freezing and returning the work, and coordinate the problems in the implementation with the public security organs. "Regulations" clearly, unauthorized return or violation of the public security organs to assist the return of funds of the units and personnel, shall be investigated for legal responsibility. At present, the provincial public security departments are in accordance with the provisions of the consultation with the banking institutions to implement measures to ensure that each of the funds to find the flow direction, so that the freezing of funds returned to the hands of the victims truthfully, hope the injured people patiently waiting. The public security organs to remind the masses, the return of the freezing of funds must be carried out in the public security organs, the police and the victim to make relevant legal documents, the public security organs will not claim the victim by telephone account, through online bank transfer etc. the return of the freezing of funds, but will not be charged any fees "margin", "deposit" funds etc..

四川冻结逾五千万电信网络诈骗资金 三种方式返还 电信网络诈骗资金返还新规 返还冻结资金不得收取任何费用 9月21日,记者从省公安厅刑侦局获悉,目前冻结的电信网络诈骗资金5172万元,涉案1473个账户。根据公安部、银监会近日制定并颁布执行的《电信网络新型违法犯罪案件冻结资金返还若干规定》(以下简称《规定》),这笔资金将由公安机关分三种情况返还。这三种情况为:冻结账户内仅有单笔汇(存)款记录,可直接溯源被害人的,直接返还被害人;冻结账户内有多笔汇(存)款记录,按照时间戳记载可以直接溯源被害人的,直接返还被害人;冻结账户内有多笔汇(存)款记录,按照时间戳记载无法直接溯源被害人的,按照被害人被骗(盗)金额占冻结在案资金总额的比例返还。按比例返还的,公安机关应当发出公告,公告期为30日,公告期内被害人、其他利害关系人可就返还冻结提出异议,公安机关依法进行审核。冻结账户返还后剩余资金在原冻结期内继续冻结;公安机关根据办案需要可以在冻结期满前依法办理续冻手续。如查清新的被害人,公安机关可以按本规定启动新的返还程序。《规定》要求公安机关负责查清被害人资金流向,及时通知被害人,并对权属明确的被害人财产作出资金返还决定,实施返还。银行业金融机构要依照有关法律、行政法规和《规定》,及时协助公安机关实施涉案冻结资金返还工作。银行业监督管理机构负责督促、检查辖区内银行业金融机构协助查询、冻结、返还工作,并就执行中的问题与公安机关进行协调。《规定》明确,擅自返还或违反协助公安机关资金返还义务的单位和人员,要依法追究法律责任。目前我省公安部门正根据《规定》与银行机构协商落实措施,确保查清每一笔资金流向,让冻结资金如实返还至受害人手中,希望受害群众耐心等待。公安机关提醒广大群众,返还冻结资金必须在公安机关内进行,警方将与事主当面制作相关法律文书,公安机关不会通过电话索取事主账号、通过网银转账等方式返还冻结资金,更不会收取任何“手续费”“保证金”“押金”等资金。相关的主题文章:

Commission for Discipline Inspection unannounced visits it is difficult to catch public funds consum ravbin

Reporter: Discipline unannounced difficult to catch public consumption current mainly by adjusting the invoice in Lotus springs south high-speed increase in toll station, Lianhua County Commission for Discipline Inspection inspectors make unannounced visits during inspection group private bus (September 14th). Hav’e Lianhua County Commission for Discipline Inspection investigations Inspectorate staff in the county seat of a restaurant in town (September 14th). Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lai Xing Xinhua news agency, Nanchang September 15th New Media News Title: into the mall restaurant squatting to prevent "four winds" high speed Festival – Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the resurgence of the Xinhua News Agency reporters follow down "China discipline unannounced network in reporter Lai Xing on the eve of Mid Autumn Festival, an important node of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection at the correct four winds exposure of 6 central and state organs and cadres violate the provisions of the central eight mental problems. In order to understand how to implement the relevant requirements of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection at the grassroots level, to prevent the four winds resurgence, reporters on the day of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Lianhua County of Jiangxi province Pingxiang City unannounced inspection group were followed. Hav’e Lianhua County Commission for Discipline Inspection investigations Inspectorate staff in the county of a town of KTV (September 14th). Fangzu in veteran recruits "again a bit, the blacksmith needs its own hardware, do not allow unannounced visits to leaked news, not relations, for example, does not meet acquaintances walk around check." The 14 day at 14:50 PM, Lianhua County Commission for discipline inspection official held a mobilization meeting, and carry on the division of the two fangzu. Lianhua County Commission for Discipline Inspection unannounced inspection group County discipline construction of government supervision, and the Local Taxation Bureau, public security, traffic control and other departments of the staff. "The first group responsible comrades in the high-speed intersection, check suspicious bus, the second group is mainly responsible for the verification of public consumption problem." Lotus county deputy secretary Chen Feile told reporters. Chen Feile on Monday just to the County Commission for discipline inspection report, Lianhua County Sheng Fang previously served as party secretary of the town, he compared himself to discipline recruits, humorous discourse. After mobilization will end, Fangzu members have surrendered their mobile phone, unified by the special custody, they drove to town point. From the County Bureau of the "90" Zou Yanjuan is the youngest member of Fangzu, until mobilization, she did not know he was transferred to fangzu. "I think is to discipline a meeting only, did not expect to make unannounced visits." She is looking forward to the experience for themselves to have a better understanding of the anti four winds. Lianhua County Commission for discipline inspection party and government supervision director Tang Sujian had participated in several unannounced inspection. He said: "today is the last day of work before, in addition to the inspection of" four winds "problem, also need to guard against some public officials off-site, leave early phenomenon." Unannounced visits to reporters at the hotel, on the way, Lianhua County Station people crowded places, also saw the "anti four wind" posters, posters announced the supervision and reporting telephone. Tang Sujian said, "to retrofit four winds and tends to be subtle phenomenon, promote the supervision of the masses, Qili off the four winds problem cloak". Check the public consumption, the restaurant inside the mall, 15 pm, unannounced inspection group came to the County Commission for Discipline Inspection from the building about 800 meters away from a company called a tea Xuan teahouse. Explained what he wanted, the teahouse presented recent record notes to fangzu. The upstairs is not a package)

纪委暗访记:较难抓公款消费现行 主要通过调发票 ↑在泉南高速莲花收费站,莲花县纪委暗访督察组在检查公车私用情况(9月14日摄)。 ↑莲花县纪委暗访督察组工作人员在县城的一家酒楼暗访(9月14日摄)。   新华社记者赖星摄   新华社南昌9月15日新媒体专电题:进商场上茶楼蹲高速严防节日“四风”回潮——中秋前夕记者跟随纪委暗访记   新华社“中国网事”记者赖星   中秋节前夕,中央纪委紧盯重要节点纠“四风”,曝光了6起中央和国家机关干部违反中央八项规定精神问题。为了解基层纪委如何落实中央有关要求,严防“四风”回潮,记者在节前一天对江西省萍乡市莲花县纪委暗访督查组进行了跟访。 ↑莲花县纪委暗访督察组工作人员在县城的一家KTV暗访(9月14日摄)。   暗访组里的老将新兵   “再次强调一点,打铁还需自身硬,暗访不允许走漏消息,不能徇私情,比如遇到熟人绕着走、不检查。”14日14时50分许,莲花县纪委相关负责人召开了动员会,并对两个暗访组进行分工。   莲花县纪委暗访督查组由县纪委党风政风监督室及地税局、公安、交管等部门的工作人员组成。“第一组的同志负责在高速路口等地核查可疑公车,第二组主要负责核查公款消费问题。”莲花县纪委副书记陈飞乐向记者介绍。   陈飞乐上周一刚到县纪委报到,此前担任莲花县升坊镇党委书记,他自比为纪委“新兵”,话语风趣幽默。动员会结束后,暗访组成员都交出了各自的手机,统一交由专人保管,众人驱车前往暗访点。   来自县地税局的“90后”邹艳娟是暗访组里最年轻的成员,直到开动员会时,她才知道自己被抽调参加暗访组。“我以为只是来纪委开个会而已,没想到会参加暗访。”她期待这次经历让自己对反“四风”有更深入的了解。   莲花县纪委党风政风监督室主任汤苏剑曾参加过多次暗访督查。他说:“今天是节前最后一天上班,除了督查‘四风’问题,还需要警惕一些公职人员脱岗、早退的现象。”   暗访途中,记者在莲花县酒店、车站等群众密集场所,还看到了“反四风”的宣传海报,海报上公布了监督举报电话。汤苏剑说,针对“四风”问题花样翻新且趋于隐蔽化的现象,倡导群众监督,齐力扒下“四风”问题的“隐身衣”。   查公款消费,上茶楼进商场   15时许,暗访督查组来到距县纪委大楼约800米远的一家名为“一品茶轩”的茶楼。说明来意后,茶楼前台向暗访组出示了近期的票据记录。   “楼上是不是包厢?”手握票据的汤苏剑抬头问到。   “上面有客人。”前台服务员表示,茶楼老板不在的情况下,不能随便带人进入。   “有客就更要去检查啦。”在汤苏剑的坚持下,这名服务员领着暗访组来到三楼。   三楼共有两个包厢,在其中一个包厢外能清楚地听到屋内打麻将的声音。推开门后,汤苏剑等人对包厢内的人员说明了来意,并核实了他们的身份。   “这几位都不是公职人员,只是相约一起喝茶的朋友。”汤苏剑对记者说,想要抓公款消费的现行比较难,主要还是通过调取发票等相关证据进行倒查。   截至下午18时,众人先后检查了两家农家乐、滨河渔港、美妆名媛养生会所、春满园土特产公司、今日购物广场、K8KTV等消费场所。除了查看专柜、调阅账单、询问财务,暗访组成员还走访顾客,听取群众意见。   晚上,记者又随纪委工作人员李小斌来到莲花大酒店、藕塘边酒店。晚8点30分左右,藕塘边酒店的停车场已经满满当当。“今天接待了五十几桌的客人。”该店卢店长听说是纪委前来督查,便将票据递给李小斌查看。   “对发现到的一些问题线索,我们会逐一整理分析,并对发现问题的单位、个人开展核查,有问题的要一追到底,没有问题的也要及时澄清。”李小斌介绍。   查公车私用,守株待兔并调阅高速缴费记录   14日下午15时45分左右,暗访督查二组驱车前往泉南高速莲花收费站与一组会合。行驶途中,陈飞乐与记者聊起了中央八项规定出台后,党风政风发生的一些变化。   “中央八项规定刚出台时,有的党员干部依然我行我素,一些地方和部门也是以发通知、提要求的方式来应付落实。但随着‘对顶风违纪者,先免职再处理’的规定出台,‘四风’问题就大为改观。”陈飞乐说,作风建设的成效要巩固,就要按中央要求,抓常、抓细、抓长。   说话间,车已开到高速出口处,暗访组成员把车停到一旁,检查可疑车辆。“这是走高速进出莲花县的必经之路,节前主要查出城方向的车辆是否为公车,节后则查进城方向。”汤苏剑说。   为了方便社会各界对公车进行监督,江西在公车改革中将公车车牌尾号统一为“G”以增加公车辨识度。“莲花县公车的车牌还没有全部换发到位,所以不好识别,只好采取这种守株待兔的笨办法核查。”汤苏剑手中有一份公车名单,他说,节日期间,公车应该进行封存。督查人员会把可疑车辆牌照号录入公车管理系统,以此确定是否违规。   “白色车辆一般不是公车,这几辆黑色的比较可疑。”手捧单反相机的李小斌负责对可疑车辆拍照取证。   随着时间的流逝,暗访督查组没有检查到一起公车私用的情况。   “可能蹲守一下午都没有收获吧?”记者问。   “暗访的目的是查处极少数,教育大多数。从严治党,要用好监督执纪第一种形态,筑牢第一道堤坝。”陈飞乐表示,随着纪委执纪越来越严,目前明目张胆的“四风”现象越来越少,但这对查处隐身、变种的“四风”问题提出了更高的要求。(完)相关的主题文章:

Tianjin pancake fruit by the Japanese plagiarism do not fire than China

Tianjin pancake fruit by the Japanese "copy" to do more than China also fire in Tianjin people, eating pancakes Guo son is the most important cultural symbol of Tianjin, Tianjin pancakes Guo son even joking in the field as a "cult". About the origin of pancakes Guo son, serious criticism is originated from Anhui Bengbu Guzhen, more than 600 years ago in Tianjin at the beginning of the establishment of pancakes Guo son has appeared. Slowly, Japan is a pancake, someone put it into Okonomiyaki, someone translated it as Okonomiyaki, assorted pancakes. Now, the pancake culture in Japan has been extended to various regions, and new varieties have been derived. Japan’s Royal teriyaki and China pancake fruit, are used in the starch, egg, sauce and onion, and all layers of both". Biscuit (English Senbei or sembei) a Japanese gamigo. In Chinese way, more like burritos and pancakes, while in Japan, it is usually hard and can eat a small snack, rather than dietary. However, similar to the way Japan can also be found in Chinese cookies. The modern name is Chinese biscuit (or shellfish) (pinyin: Xianbei), which reflects the "Senbei" (pancake) language pronunciation. As everyone knows the shrimp, is actually a Japanese pancake, did not expect.

天津煎饼果子被日本“抄袭” 做的比中国还火   在天津人看来,煎饼馃子是天津最重要的饮食文化符号,天津人甚至戏谑外地的煎饼馃子为“邪教”。   关于煎饼馃子的来历,比较严肃的考据是源于安徽蚌埠固镇,六百多年前天津建卫之初煎饼馃子已经出现。   慢慢的,日本也出现一种煎饼,有人把它译为御好烧,有人把它译为杂菜煎饼、什锦煎饼。   现在日本煎饼文化被延伸到了各种地区,并且还衍生出了新的种类。   日本的御照烧与中国的煎饼果子类似,都用到了淀粉,鸡蛋,酱料和葱花,而且都层层“夹攻”。   仙贝(英文senbei或sembei)一种日本米果。在中国,仙贝更像是卷饼和煎饼,而在日本,则通常是硬的并可以一口吃掉的小点心,而不是膳食。然而,类似日本仙贝的饼干,也可以在中国找到。其现代的中文名称是仙贝(或鲜贝)(拼音:xianbei),这反映了“senbei”(煎饼)语言发音。众所周知的虾条,其实也是日本煎饼的一种,没有想到吧。相关的主题文章:

Shanghai Tobacco Control Ordinance voted to ban smoking through indoor public workplaces

Yesterday, the thirty-third session of the fourteen session of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee voted to amend the "Regulations on smoking control in public places in Shanghai". Since March 1, 2017, smoking has been banned in indoor public places, indoor workplaces and public transport facilities in Shanghai. On the basis of banning smoking in indoor public places stipulated in the original regulations, it is clear that smoking is prohibited in indoor public places, indoor workplaces and public transport facilities". Compared with the original regulations, the amendment decided to expand the indoor non-smoking area from a specific indoor public place to all indoor public places and indoor workplaces. Among them, especially in hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, indoor workplaces, transportation hubs and other several kinds of places: one is made to expand the indoor area of the hotel will achieve a comprehensive smoking; two is the dining and entertainment venues will be designated smoking area; three is the smoking will be banned from state organs conference room, restaurant and common workplace indoor public areas; the four is the airport, railway station, bus station and other ports will cancel the smoking room. Modify the decision also to further expand the scope of the outdoor public places tobacco control: an increase of public places, including education and training institutions to minors main activities among public outdoor seating area, and show room of cultural relics protection units open to the society outside the region, crowded transportation venues, as well as the legal waiting area regulations and rules in other public places, etc.. In order to minimize the situation of smokers smoking in the outside, the regulation of smoking spots can be set up in the condition of non smoking outside the area. Which special circumstances, special areas and industries can set up the indoor smoking room? Some enterprises, in accordance with the requirements of the outdoor fire ban smoking in the smoking room, must be independent from the production area or indoor closed environment, set up in line with the standard fire; electrical room, some enterprises or factories in the operating room, control room, duty room staff, even in the work space will be the nature of the work may not be a long time to leave their posts to outdoor smoking; some special types of staff also need to replace the clothing of the workplace, these situations also brought difficulties to indoor smoking; some regulatory sites, for special requirements of service and safety management, need according to the actual situation to keep a certain indoor smoking room. Therefore, the revised regulations stipulate that the specific requirements of the indoor smoking room should be set up in special circumstances, and the regulations should be made by the Municipal People’s government. The outdoor smoking area following public places: (a) public nurseries, kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, children’s palace, Youth Activity Center, education and training institutions and children’s welfare homes to minors main activities of population; (two) maternal and child health hospital, children’s Hospital (Institute); (three) Stadium, the venue seating and game show area; (four) cultural relics protection units open to society; (five) public transportation crowded waiting area; (six) the provisions of laws, regulations and rules.

上海控烟条例表决通过 室内公共工作场所将全面禁烟   昨天,市十四届人大常委会第三十三次会议表决通过了关于修改《上海市公共场所控制吸烟条例》的决定。决定自2017年3月1日起施行,届时起,上海的室内公共场所、室内工作场所、公共交通工具内均禁止吸烟。   在原条例规定部分室内公共场所禁烟的基础上,明确“室内公共场所、室内工作场所、公共交通工具内禁止吸烟”。与原条例相比,修改决定将室内禁烟区域从特定的室内公共场所扩大到了所有的室内公共场所、室内工作场所。其中,特别是在旅馆、餐饮场所、娱乐场所、室内工作场所、交通枢纽等几类场所做了扩大:一是旅馆的室内区域将实现全面禁烟;二是餐饮场所、娱乐场所将不能划定吸烟区域;三是国家机关的会议室、餐厅以及共用的工作场所等室内公共活动区域将禁止吸烟;四是机场、铁路客运站、港口客运站等将取消吸烟室。   修改决定还进一步扩大了室外公共场所的控烟范围:增加了包括教育培训机构等以未成年人为主要活动人群的公共场所、演出场所的室外观众坐席和演出区域、对社会开放的文物保护单位的室外区域、人群聚集的公共交通工具等候区域以及法律、法规、规章规定的其他公共场所等。为了尽可能减少吸烟者在室外“抽流烟”的情况,增加了室外非禁烟区域有条件的可以设立吸烟点的规定。   哪些特殊情况、特殊区域和行业可以设置室内吸烟室?有的企业,按照室外厂区禁烟禁火的要求,必须在远离生产区域的室内或者封闭环境中设置符合消防标准的、相对独立的吸烟室;有的企业或工厂中的电气室、操作室、控制室、值班室的工作人员,即便在工作间隙也会因工作性质不得长时间离开岗位到室外吸烟;有的特殊工种的工作人员进出工作场所还需要更换服装,这些情形也对室内禁烟带来了实际困难;有的监管场所,出于勤务和安全管理的特殊要求等,有根据实际情况保留一定室内吸烟室的需要。因此修订后的条例规定,特殊情况需要设置室内吸烟室的具体要求,由市人民政府作出规定。   以下公共场所的室外区域禁止吸烟:   (一)托儿所、幼儿园、中小学校、少年宫、青少年活动中心、教育培训机构以及儿童福利院等以未成年人为主要活动人群的公共场所;   (二)妇幼保健院(所)、儿童医院;   (三)体育场馆、演出场所的观众坐席和比赛、演出区域;   (四)对社会开放的文物保护单位;   (五)人群聚集的公共交通工具等候区域;   (六)法律、法规、规章规定的其他公共场所。市和区人民政府可以根据大型活动的需要,将其他公共场所的室外区域设立为临时禁止吸烟区域。相关的主题文章:

Hong Kong media Hongkong primary school extracurricular groups and fewer opportunities to speak Mand fifa14下载

Hong Kong media: Hongkong primary school extracurricular groups and fewer opportunities to speak Mandarin to organize more activities – Beijing, Beijing, November 14, according to the Hongkong Daily reported, Hongkong Taiwan Association released 13 Mandarin "survey results pupils Putonghua", found that up to 80% of pupils in Hongkong in addition to class, every week in Mandarin for less than 5 hour. More than half of the students believe that there is a need to increase the use of Putonghua in extra-curricular time, Mandarin Arts Society recommends that schools organize Mandarin fun activities, in order to increase the chance of students to use putonghua. The survey was conducted in October, with a total of 300 students who had studied mandarin. The survey found that most students are very confident of their own standard of Putonghua, 93% students think they are qualified or above. How do organizations and School Mandarin activities at the same time, the survey also found that 86% of the surveyed students every week daily Mandarin time in less than 5 hours, 50% students only 1 to 3 hours, less than 1 hours is 13%. More than 50% of students think that there is a need to increase the use of Putonghua in extracurricular opportunities. In this regard, Putonghua Art Association recommends that schools and local groups and social welfare institutions, held in Mandarin fun activities, such as reading, twister, storytelling, role-playing, discussion, increase students’ use of Putonghua opportunities; parents can encourage children to use Mandarin, such as Mandarin, parent-child communication; students such as the need to cram Chinese, parents can choose to use Putonghua to teach Chinese Learning Center, let the children at the same time enhance Chinese and Mandarin. Putonghua Art Association chairman Xue Hong? Recognize, Hongkong Elementary School Mandarin level did not reach the ideal level, the ability to speak than listening to the weaker students from different media have many opportunities to hear Mandarin, such as television and movies, etc.. But just passive listening must actively speak Mandarin, can have good language ability.相关的主题文章: